GCSE Art & Design 2016

  • Tackle the rigorous new GCSE head-on
  • How to raise results and promote creative expression
  • Take away proven practical strategies for:
    • Planning 
    • Engagement 
    • Assessment

Information on speakers coming soon.

Tackle the latest changes head-on

2016 framework: explore how the exam boards differ

How to use data during the ‘cross-over’ period

The new framework and Ofsted: prepare for lesson observations

A complete guide to preparing for change

Plan and deliver a challenging, engaging course

Develop schemes of work that promote independent learning

Build students’ confidence in using mixed-media journals

Differentiate to support students of every ability

Promote creativity, independence and analysis

Demonstrate pupil progress ‘as it happens’

Practical ideas and resources

  • A classroom-ready resource kit:
    • Digital worksheets 
    • Word frames
    • Help sheets 
    • Assessment materials
  • Planning tools to scaffold the new framework
  • Visual resource examples
  • Hands-on techniques to raise target grades
  • Classroom activites for independent learning
  • Practical exemplar work to challenge students
  • Assessment support for students and staff