Assessment and Progression in Art

  • Make sure your subject is on track to meet Ofsted Outstanding criteria for art and design
  • Simple, effective assessment strategies to ensure all your stndents are at the right stage of learning
  • New and exciting ideas to deliver the subject

Information on speakers coming soon.

Clarify the new national requirements

Understand best practice for the subject

Learn how to implement the NSEAD competencies

Raise standards: ideas to provide effective feedback

Monitoring progress: ways to meet Ofsted’s highest expectations


A guide to maintaining best practice in a level-less world

Scaffold simple assessment criteria into your planning

Ensure your assessment model matches school and national standards

Make assessment a positive learning experience

Use ICT and new media to share work


Practical tools and ideas to take away

  • Exciting, stimulating ideas for art activities

  • Techniques to embed art across the curriculum

  • Structured assessment systems

  • Models of best practice

  • Tools for short- and long-term monitoring

  • Techniques for embedding self and peer assessment