Exclusive UK Tour with Dr Bill Rogers 


  Students who play with objects, listen to music or find other distractions can disrupt their own and others' learning. Using his own unique style, the world's leading behaviour expert, Bill Rogers, takes you through a recent encounter with Daniel, and explains how to get the best from this tricky situation.


Exclusive UK tour



Two exclusive training courses from world-renowned behaviour expert Dr Bill Rogers. Put classroom control back in you and your staff's hands!




Dr Bill Rogers taught for many years before becoming an Education Consultant and author. He lectures widely on behaviour management, discipline, effective teaching, stress management and teacher welfare across the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Bill also works as a mentor-teacher, team teaching in challenging schools and is well aware of the challenges of teacher leadership in schools today. He has written numerous books including the bestselling Classroom Behaviour, Cracking the Hard Class and You Know the Fair Rule.



Bill Rogers' Whole-School Approach to Behaviour


 Essential training for leaders wishing to explore school-wide approaches to classroom, corridor and playground discipline



Whole-school strategy for excellent student behaviour

Run your school as a cohesive, co-operative unit

Develop a safe school, putting respect, tolerance and support at the heart of everything you do


London on 21st January 2013


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Cardiff on 28th January 2013

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Manchester on 1st February 2013


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London on 7th February 2013


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Managing the Challenging Class with Dr Bill Rogers

A behaviour course for EVERYONE!



Start afresh with a difficult group and see an amazing turnaround

 Instant results: 6 techniques for immediate impact with every group 

 Embed positive behaviour in every classroom



Nottingham on 18th January 2013


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London on 22nd January 2013

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Birmingham on 24th January 2013


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Cardiff on 29th January 2013


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Liverpool on 5th February 2013

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London (NE) on 8th February 2013


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“Very enlightening. Excellent.”

“Very good, great how it was structured.”

“Really, really good. Interesting and funny. Good practical ideas.” 

“Funny, informative, excellent.”

“Excellent manner, I found the concrete examples really useful.”

“Really down to earth and exactly appropriate.”

“Useful strategies provided to take back and use.”

“Great anecdotes, brought it to life.”






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