Primary Art

Teach like a specialist

  • A busy teacher’s guide to exciting, yet simple, provision
  • Action-plan high-quality art to ensure:
    • continuity of skills
    • pupil progression 
    • resources are available 
    • confident assessment
  • Effective ways to secure high learning outcomes
Paul Carney

Paul Carney

Dates: 21st Nov 2017, 28th Nov 2017

Paul is an AST in Art and Design with experience as an artist, designer, and teacher of art. He frequently lectures at prominent universities and worked as a training consultant all over the world. He is a board member of the National Society for Education in Art and Design.

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Develop a clearer understanding of primary school art

  • Unpick the art curriculum 

  • Meet Ofsted’s requirements for good practice

  • Review your school’s art scheme and policy 

  • Utilise expertise within the school

  • Disseminate best practice across your school

Use art to enhance other curriculum areas

  • Plan and deliver your art projects as: 

  • stand alone units

  • integrated cross-curricular activities

  • Develop project ideas to address curriculum demands in: 

- mathematics 

- English 

- geography 

- computing 

- history 

- science 

  • Enhance creativity and creative thinking skills

Teach like a pro: inspiration, ideas, advice and support

  • Lesson plans

  • Streamlined classroom-based assessment techniques

  • Computer activities and exercises 

  • Tips to progress painting and drawing

  • Pointers for the tricky sketch book requirements 

  • Ideas for using traditional and contemporary resources

  • Strategies for effective differentiation: 

- extend talented pupils

- support those with learning needs

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£259 + VAT

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