Assessment Conference 2018

Assessment for REALLY Learning Is more testing the answer?

  • The UK’s biggest assessment event:

    • Solutions to the hottest educational debate in 2018

    • Easy-to-execute approaches backed by first-class research

What is in store for 2018?

The fourth annual Assessment Conference is a timely follow-on from the highly successful, Assessment-for-Learning-focused 2017 event.

The 2018 event features rare appearances from the world’s most sought-after speakers who will tackle the controversial reality that more testing may actually be what our students need. As well as confronting this hot topic, they will give you realistic and practical solutions to ensure your school can successfully assess students without putting them off school or learning for life.

Why is this a must-attend event?

Since 2014, the world’s biggest and best speakers have delivered their latest findings and famous theories at Osiris’s Assessment Conference. This has attracted thousands of teachers and senior leaders from primary and secondary schools, making this conference the biggest assessment focused event in the UK.

Facts and figures

(from previous events)

  • Nearly 1,000 attendees over 3 years

  • 133% increased attendance per year*

  • Approx. 60/40 primary/secondary split

  • 79% attendees are part of the SLT

Information on speakers coming soon.

09:55 - 10:25

How to Assess Learning in Ways that Enhance Learning



By Professor Elizabeth Bjork


10:30 - 11:00

World-class Teacher-designed Assessments by Dr Robert Marzano



By Tammy Heflebower


11:20 - 12:05

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 1


Crafting Learner-friendly Performance Assessments

How to construct confidence-weighted multiple-choice tests that increase learning.

By Professor Elizabeth Bjork

Assessing Learning and Performing

Understand which students retain information and which just use it to perform in tests.

By Nick Rose


12:15 - 13:00

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 2


What Makes a Great Classroom Assessment?

Understand what quality means and why it matters

By Professor Robert Coe

A Fresh Start for Formative Assessment

A highly practical guide on how to update the much-loved formative assessment in your classroom or school.

By Harry Fletcher-Wood


14:00 - 14:20

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 3


When and How Often to Test

Unpick evidence from the lab and classrooms.

By Professor Elizabeth Bjork and Will Emeny

How to Help Every Student Progress

New approaches to effective, sustainable feedback.

By Harry Fletcher-Wood


14:55 - 15:40

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 4


Using Assessment for School Improvement

The evidence about how assessment data drives improvement

By Professor Robert Coe

Teacher Assessments vs Standardised Assessments

Explore how a sensible combination of both assessments can be used to promote learning.

By Nick Rose


15:55 - 16:25

The Future of National Assessments



By Professor Robert Coe TBC