School Business Management Solutions Conference

One conference. One aim. Practical support for those involved in school business management.

  • 4 highly practical, solution-focused workshops:
    • HR
    • Finance and central service provisions
    • Governance
    • Due diligence
  • Proven models for improving efficiency and effectiveness through shared services

  • Advice on applying due diligence and managing growth

  • How to manage increasing cost-line pressures with flat line funding

This is a school business management conference with a difference. Practical, solution-focused support will be tailored specifically to the auidence on the day.

Our experts will troubleshoot your school business management issues, whether you are a newly formed, emerging or growing MAT.

Actively participate in carefully managed discussions to gain solutions based on idea sharing and reviews of best practice.

In addition to keynotes, the day will take the form of facilitated, solution-focussed table sessions where you will have an opportunity to discuss:

• what the issues are

• barriers to solving them

• strategies and solutions for newly formed, emerging or growing MATs

Whatever your context, save time and money with:

  • Proven models for improving efficiency and effectiveness through shared services

  • Legal advice from a HR specialist

  • Advice on applying due diligence and managing growth

  • Ways to work collaboratively across sites

  • Best practice from leading MATs

  • Strategies to safeguard the life chances of children

Learn from others to gain the information, tools, training and guidance for issues you are facing now, and for issues that may arise in the future.

Information on speakers coming soon.

09:15 - 10:00

How the Changing Landscape is Affecting Business Management


Understand the changing landscape of educational establishments and the implications for operations management, staffing structures, and the wider workforce.

By Sir David Carter


10:00 - 10:30

The View from Schools and MATs


How the profession is responding to the challenges of securing effective business management in MATs.

By Graeme Hornsby


10:45 - 15:55

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 1


Facilitated, Solution-Focused Session - Finance and Setting Up Central Provisions

Gain Guidance on the most pressing issues facing SBMs: - Financial efficiency Discuss: - Economies and efficiencies of scale - Budget planning, monitoring, control and communication


Facilitated, Solution-Focused Session - HR

Get expert legal advice on implementing the restructure: - Transfer of employment (TUPE) - The legal implications of a new staff structure, redundancies, pay and conditions - Minimising risk of legal challenge

By Adrian Barrett

Facilitated, Solution-Focused Session - Governance

Resolve issues related to the effective and efficient operation of, and support for, governance. - Avoid the MAT adding unnecessary tiers of governance - Provide the board with sufficient oversight of their schools

By Graeme Hornsby

Facilitated, Solution-Focused Session - Due Diligence

Discover real-life answers to key due diligence questions such as: - What can go wrong? - What should you be looking for in a due diligence process? - How long should the process be? - Who should receive the report?

By Jane Ripley


16:10 - 16:45

Summary of the Day


Key points from the day's discussion including a round-up of the solutions identified.

By Brian Lightman