Instructional Leadership Conference 2017

First UK Conference on Instructional Leadership

  • Focusing leaders on what matters most: learner progression

  • Learn how instructional leadership can have up to FOUR times the impact of transformational leadership

  • Strategies, actions and behaviours to successfully lead improvement

  • Practical sessions to develop your leadership toolkit:

    • Impact teams

    • Collective efficacy (Hattie’s New #1)

    • Open to learning

    • Models of learning

Join us on the first and only UK conference that dives head-first into instructional leadership.

What is the difference between instructional and transformational leadership?

Join a panel of high-calibre leadership experts as they simplify the complex range and combinations of strategies, actions and behaviours that successful leaders employ over time to improve their schools.

Topics covered include collective efficacy, relational trust, impact teams and learner progression.

Information on speakers coming soon.

09:40 - 10:40

Instructional leadership: a critical interrogation


- Instructional leadership unpicked. - How an unsexy idea with unpromising beginnings holds many of the keys to improved day-to-day practice. - John will examine how managing the ‘school house’ can distract from the core business of schools.

By Professor John MacBeath OBE


10:55 - 11:35

Leadership practice and its impact on the quality of teaching and learning


- An account of leadership practice, focusing on the role of senior leaders and how they can exert leverage on what happens in the classroom and the school as a learning environment. - Discover strategies for enabling teachers to become agents of change and champions of innovation.

By Dr David Frost


11:45 - 12:30

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 1


Instructional leadership in practice

How a focus on instructional leadership dramatically improved outcomes and focus in one secondary school.

By Barry Worth

Collective efficacy

- Use the most powerful (Hattie’s NEW #1) tool for school improvement. - Where collaboration struggles to produce the desired impact, collective efficacy thrives.

By Laura Kearney

Latest research in the field of leadership

Research posters



12:30 - 13:30

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 2


Lunchtime panel

Instructional vs transformational leadership


I do not wish to attend a lunchtime session


13:30 - 14:15

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 3


Instructional core

- Models of teaching and learning are examined. - Find out how to affect their impact through instructional leadership.

By Laura Kearney

Building relational trust

How to use Open to Learning Conversations as the building blocks of instructional leadership

By Martin Morgan

Developing the skill of core leadership

- Discover practical ways that leadership and learning can be connected. - Explore evidence and frameworks from the HertsCam Network while evaluating your own experiences

By Dr David Frost


14:20 - 15:05

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 4


Constructing learner progression

How to move from testing and monitoring to securing key constructs, progressions and next steps for learning using instructional leadership.

By Barry Worth

Impact Teams

How the right team with the right process and measures can implement instructional improvement efficiently and effectively.

By Laura Kearney

Instructional leadership model

How to develop an instructional leadership model in your school.

By Martin Morgan


15:15 - 16:00

Power and love in teaching and in leadership


- Consider how leaders balance high expectations, pace and relentlessness with compassion, inclusivity and collaboration. - Consider power and love within the context of teaching, professional development and school leadership. - Steve argues that if we want the whole system to improve, then it will require not just top-down leadership, nor just bottom-up leadership, but also leadership in the middle of the system.

By Steve Munby


16:00 - 16:30

Panel Discussion


The future of instructional leadership