Leading for Excellence Conference 2018

Scottish School Leadership 20:20

  • Policy 360° – what it means planning forwards

  • New accountability in practice

  • Collaborative Leadership – The Big 6

  • Collaborative Coaching

  • Impact Teams – the new approach that is transforming schools in the USA

  • Instructional VS Transformational leadership

  • Collective Efficacy – Hattie’s new number 1

1st Osiris Scottish leadership conference

Discover how to use policy, research and practice to position instructional leadership into the context of the Scottish educational reforms.

Informed by policy

Discuss school leadership in Scotland

Unpick the high expectations of policy

Improved by research

Self-efficacy and coaching

Collaborative leadership as a tool to:

increase success

focus on pupil learning

develop teachers

Reciprocal learning in school communities

Inspired by practice

Explore the translation of policy to practice

Make an impact with Collective Efficacy

Practical tools on how to coach

Build the right team for maximum improvement in your school

What will I get from the day?

  • Leading insight

  • Clear practical advice

  • New ways forward

  • Evidence informed leadership practice

  • Inspiration

  • New friends and networks

Sarah Philp

Sarah Philp

Date: 16th Mar 2018

Until recently, Sarah worked as Principal Educational Psychologist at Midlothian Council where she led the development of Visible Learning across Early Years, Primary and Secondary.

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Peter DeWitt

Peter DeWitt

Date: 16th Mar 2018

Dr Peter DeWitt is a former headteacher, Visible Learning trainer and acclaimed author. He offers international insight into collaborative leadership, inclusive school climates and connected learning.

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Laura Kearney

Laura Kearney

Date: 16th Mar 2018

Laura has extensive experience of primary education including over 10 years as a Headteacher. She is at the forefront of the latest national changes in KS1 and is currently an independent trainer and coach. She has worked successfully with schools to improve teaching, develop effective approaches to CPD and improve outcomes for learners.

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John MacBeath

John MacBeath

Date: 16th Mar 2018

John is Professor Emeritus at the University of Cambridge and the co-author of the report Inclusion: statements of intent. The 2015 report findings showed that special educational needs and disability provision in mainstream schools is worse than a decade ago. John was awarded an OBE in 1997 for his services to education.

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Gillian Hamilton

Gillian Hamilton

Date: 16th Mar 2018

Gillian is the CEO of Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL) and is also a former Headteacher. She offers 26 years of experience working in Scottish education and is passionate about leadership programmes that promote quality in teaching.

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Deirdre Torrance

Deirdre Torrance

Date: 16th Mar 2018

Deirdre is the former Director of Teacher Education Partnerships and Director of Masters Leadership Programmes at the University of Edinburgh. She offers her insight and experience of designing, developing and delivering educational leadership and management programmes.

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