The Welsh Assessment Conference

Keeping the Focus Inside the Black Box: Using assessment to improve progress and practice

  • The guru’s 2017 guide to:
    • Rejecting ‘teaching to the test’
    • Accepting high-quality formative assessment
  • Respond to the educational improvement plan's focus on strengthening assessment
  • Align assessment with the purpose of learning; assessing what matters

The Welsh government has acknowledged the weaknesses in its assessment framework and is fully acting on the recommendations of the Successful Futures report.

To address this national issue, the author of one of the most famous and influential books in education, Inside the Black Box is providing a full day of training.

This fantastic event will:
  • show why findings from 26 years ago are more important than ever in 2017
  • align assessment with the purpose of learning; assessing what matters
  • uncover new ways forward for assessment policies and practice

Who will benefit most from this conference?

  • Headteachers, senior leaders and assessment leads from primary and secondary schools
  • Multi Academy Trusts
  • Teaching schools

What will you take back to school?

  • 10 key assessment principles
  • A wide range of assessment techniques to match to different required outcomes
  • Clarity on the future of:
  • In-school formative assessment
  • In-school summative assessment
  • Standardised summative assessment
  • A staff training kit

To enquire about a group booking discount, call 01790 756 756 

Information on speakers coming soon.

09:40 - 10:10

Why Formative Assessment must be the First Priority


- If formative assessment is so effective, how come most schools still aren't doing it? - Implementing habit change, not knowledge acquisition

By Professor Dylan Wiliam


10:10 - 10:40

Making Assessment 'Irresistible'


Low-preparation but high-impact strategies to promote engagement and progress through formative assessment.

By Claire Gadsby


10:50 - 11:20

What is the Future for Formative Assessment?



By Professor Dylan Wiliam


11:20 - 12:20

Feedback and Questioning


What are the fundamental flaws in traditional models, and how can we overcome these?

By Professor Dylan Wiliam


13:20 - 14:20

Student-centred Assessment


Are we involving students in formative assessment in the best way?

By Professor Dylan Wiliam


14:30 - 15:30

Labour-saving Marking and Feedback


Practical strategies to tackle teacher workload and celebrate pupils' learning.

By Claire Gadsby


15:35 - 16:00

Questions to the Keynote Speakers



By Professor Dylan Wiliam & Claire Gadsby