What the Best Schools do to be the Best with Professor John Hattie

  • Discover the impact of the world’s most powerful education research
  • Examine how Visible Learning research is transforming the way we think about school improvement
  • Collective Efficacy: Find out about the new No.1 impact on pupil learning 
  • Leave with a framework for collaboration that can triple the speed of learning

Professor John Hattie returns to Scotland this autumn to help unpick the ultimate paths to school transformation. 

  • Discover the foundations of Visible Learning research and how it is being used by schools today to improve learner progress.

  • Learn how to align frameworks and platforms to make your school a top performer, whilst building collegiality and trust.

  • Connect with leading educators on how they made a difference at system, school and classroom level.

  • Understand how collective efficacy can transform collaboration from hit and miss to harbinger of improvement.

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09:30 - 10:00

Visible Learning in Scotland



By Sarah Philp


10:00 - 10:30

Improvement, A Scottish Agenda


Drawing on the latest inspection evidence, Scottish Attainment Challenge, National Improvement Framework and Pupil Equity Funding, Graeme will share the Scottish improvement journey. Followed by a question and answer session.

By Graeme Logan


10:30 - 10:50




By Graeme Logan


11:10 - 12:10

Visible Learning as a Platform for Improvement


Based on his cutting edge research, Professor John Hattie articulates the key findings from the VL research to show how to make learning visible, how to apply this research in your school to ensure continuous improvement.

By Professor John Hattie


13:10 - 14:10

Case Studies of Change



By Sarah Philp


14:20 - 15:20

Collective Efficacy


Collective Efficacy is now ranked as the most powerful influence on pupil achievement in the Visilbe Learning research. It is the belief that together teachers can positively impact pupil learning. When efficacy is high, teachers show greater persistence and are more likely to try new teaching approaches. Learn how to create the conditions for collective teacher efficacy and how you can yield over three years growth in pupil results in one school year.

By Professor John Hattie


15:25 - 16:00

Panel Discussion and Closing Remarks



By Ken Muir, Professor John Hattie & Graeme Logan