Mastery Teaching in Mathematics - Primary

  • Become the Mastery specialist in your school

  • Fuel maths progress in KS1 and KS2 with a Mastery model

  • Assess and plan for Mastery in:

    • Fractions, decimals and percentages

    • Making connections

    • Ratio and proportion

Danny Doyle

Danny Doyle

Dates: 15th Nov 2017, 22nd Nov 2017

Danny is head teacher of an Outstanding primary school in an area of significant socio-economic deprivation. Winner of the NAACE and Goldsmith’s awards, Danny has worked with leading institutions globally to embed highly innovative approaches to maths, with unprecedented success.

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A National focus on eastern-inspired Mastery 

Why the DfE and Ofsted are so keen on Mastery

How Mastery and the National Curriculum connect

Who is doing Mastery well and who is not

How Maths Hubs can help


Create an environment for students to flourish in the long term

Demystify the principles of Maths Mastery

Unpick task-based approaches from around the world

Foster grit for problem solving

Use mastery to deepen learning

Establish secure foundations in EY and KS1


Tools to restructure your lessons

  • Whole-school overview

  • Curriculum maps

  • Secure frameworks for all year groups

  • Real-life examples from case study schools

  • Exemplification of current practice

  • Easy-to-apply lesson structure

  • Resources for support staff

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