Adding Value to Leadership

A must see course for PAs and Admins

  • A comprehensive how-to for the PA who wants to offer the best support to senior leadership
  • How to work at your peak level when there are conflicting demands on your time
  • Innovative ideas to save your Head vital time (Just 1 hour a week = a week of ‘free’ time over the school year!)
Sue France

Sue France

Dates: 15th Jan 2018, 5th Mar 2018

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It’s more than time management

Understand the power of your brain to maximise performance

Tips, tools and techniques to help you manage your energy and save time

The ultimate mindset for today’s assistant

Learn the ‘U-SOFAR’ technique to stay in control and stress free

Practise mindfulness to stay calm and focused

A master class on managing your role – 8 vital areas covered in depth:

1. Adding value

Be proactive in helping your Head in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous landscape

2. Energy and time-saving:

Maximise the working day with tools for time, energy and stress management

3. Gate-keeping:

Field enquiries to protect your own and your boss’s time

4. Handling difficult situations:

Deal with angry parents and colleagues with different working styles

5. Networking with peers:

The value of connecting with peers and sharing expertise

6. Managing your role:

Best practice for using email, the telephone and calendars

7. Achieving a healthy work– life balance

Understand your brain and develop a growth mindset

8. Technology

Apps and tools to keep in control and save time

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£279 + VAT

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