All Pupils Pass A-level Chemistry

  • Excel under:
    • Increase uptake of pupils
    • Practical science focus
    • Linear exams
    • Rigorous content
  • Techniques to boost the performance of all students:
    • gain a C or above
    • move from A to A*
  • Proven strategies to improve students’ abilities to learn, explain and retain chemistry concepts


John Walker

John Walker

Dates: 17th Nov 2017, 24th Nov 2017

John has extensive teaching expertise, from being the Head of Chemistry to excelling as Assistant Principal. As the Professional Development Leader at the National Science Learning Centre, John provides training for science specialists, acts as a moderator for the Graduate Teacher Programme and actively promotes ICT in science.

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Maximise student achievement in A-level Chemistry

Unpick new A-Level content

Clarify each exam boards’ expectations

Tactics and techniques to turn those Ds into Cs

Banish boring chemistry lessons forever

Underpin your teaching with the latest educational theory:

  • constructivism

  • SOLO taxonomy

Implement straightforward models to convey chemistry concepts

Put pupils in the centre of their learning

Methods to increase students’ independence

Assess and monitor pupil performance

Engage and motivate all pupils through:

  • real-life science
  • practical science
  • ICT

Must have toolkit for all chemistry teachers

  • Science activities
  • Assessment and feedback strategies
  • Revision methods
  • Visual tools for mapping, organising and processing information
  • Productive group activities
  • Differentiation techniques

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£269 + VAT

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