All Pupils Pass the New GCSE MFL

Comprehensive guide to a 100% pass rate

  • How to turn grade 3s into 4s in the 2018 exams
  • Adapt your planning, teaching and assessment practices in line with the new GCSE
  • Ideas for teaching the demanding new skill requisites:
    • translation
    • independent use of language
    • use of literary texts

Information on speakers coming soon.

Aim high for your students and achieve results

Prepare your pupils for the new linear GCSE

Find out how borderline pupils will be affected by the new specifications

Practical ways to maximise all pupils’ performance in the 2018 linear exams


A ‘how to’ guide to ensure every pupil’s success:

Identify 3/4 borderline pupils (4 being a good pass, 5 being the equivalent to a top C)

Set high expectations and high levels of consistency

Differentiate through collaborative work and peer support

Plan for topics that stimulate discussion

Use ICT to promote speaking skills

Ensure imaginative extra-curricular and enrichment provision


The must-haves that make the difference

  • Pupil motivation

  • Peer tutoring

  • Techniques to motivate boys

  • Differentiation strategies and techniques

  • Pupil feedback to improve teaching

  • Questioning methods to engage and challenge pupils