Assertive Discipline

  • Teach better behaviour and reduce distractions
  • Increase teaching and learning time
  • Embed the ultimate behaviour system
  • Strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour

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Assertive Discipline - behaviour learning for the whole school

Create a culture of behavioural values for the whole school

Establish a culture of collaboration where pupils are motivated to learn

School diversity – adopt a common approach to discipline

Use personal resources effectively and look after yourself

Recognise psychological/physiological reactions to behaviour challenges

Reduce stress by moving from reactive to proactive responses

Learn how to communicate calmly and assertively

Establish a classroom behaviour management plan

Set behavioural conditions for learning in your classroom

Communicate behavioural expectations effectively

Learn to say what you mean and to mean what you say

Understand the appropriate level of assertiveness for your classroom

Become an effective behaviour coach

Practical tools to establish the conditions for learning

Use the 'Three Teaching Steps for Better Behaviour'

  • How to give clear directions whenever you need a change of behaviour
  • How to provide effective supportive feedback
  • How to take corrective action in a calm assertive manner

Improve academic achievement with effective behaviour learning

Ensure more time is spent on the curriculum and less time on behavioural issues

Develop positive teacher/pupil relationships