Assessment Redesigned

  • Reduce marking and teacher workload

  • (save 3 to 4 hours per week)

  • Gain a deeper understanding of:

    • concepts and knowledge

    • effective teaching

    • faster progress for learners

  • Implement ideas across a school or MAT

Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith

Date: 22nd Jun 2018

Andy is a nationally acclaimed, award-winning educational trainer, consultant and writer. He co-developed the Outstanding Teaching Intervention, that has helped numerous schools transform the quality of teaching and learning and helped them achieve Outstanding.

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Redesign assessment so it works for learners, teachers and parents

Get data to work for learners and teachers, not the other way around

How to examine your baseline practice

Why we need to separate formative and summative assessment:

  • Formative processes reworked to enhance responsive teaching

  • Summative processes integrated

Making it systemic

Planning backwards for:

  • high-impact marking

  • high-quality peer and self-assessment

Documenting your learning journeys

Using a knowledge curriculum to speed up assessment

Aligning practice across the school/MAT: SLT, ML, teachers and TAs

Practical tools explained

Interleave assessment to maximise retention

How Blue Peter teaching can give learners more clarity

Redesign engaging low stakes tests within and between topics

Plan topics, then lessons

Rethink the need for homework

The 4:2 model in action

Whole-class marking strategies

In-lesson marking made SMART

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