Bid Writing and Income Generation

  • The key to raising revenue

  • Get your bid noticed

  • Identify new sources of income

  • Raise additional funds

  • Unpick bid criteria

  • Practise bid writing on the day

Information on speakers coming soon.

Be a winner in the new funding shake-up

The new national funding formula

How to get your bid noticed in a highly competitive market

Know your budget-based responsibilities as a bid maker

Step-by-step guide to defeating a tight school budget

Bid writing:

  • Bid and tender basics: understand how to present a bid application

  • Bid providers: who is out there, and how to access information

  • Have a go at bid writing: respond to an invitation to tender

Income generation:

  • Principles of income generation: responsibilities

  • Case studies: some bright ideas from schools

  • Action planning: developing a list of possibilities and confirmed actions for your school

Budget-building toolkit

‘One size fits all’ bid-writing strategy

Bid provider list – how to find bid providers now

Bid writing model – examples of bid writing from the day

Income generation checklist – know your responsibilities

School-ready ideas

Leave with a ready-made action plan for your school for bid writing and income generation