Careers Education 2017/18

  • Your legal responsibilities
  • Move your school away from a 20th-century model of careers education, with a 21st-century approach
  • Get the knowledge and strategies needed to meet:
    • your statutory duties
    • increasingly prevalent Ofsted requirements
  • Budget-friendly ideas for embedding high-quality provision for all Year 8-13 pupils

Information on speakers coming soon.

CEIAG: Latest developments and initiatives 

Ofsted: CEIAG in the CIF and its impact on 4 of the 6 outcomes

Statutory obligations: Update knowledge 

The Quality in Careers Standard awards: ithe DfE's recommendation


Design a strategy and framework for CEIAG

Audit your current offering

Tailor provision to suit your school’s needs

Utilise what you already have

Provide clear objectives from the top down

Communicate the benefits of CEIAG with staff, young people and parents

Efficiently manage resources, data and contacts

Use CEIAG to raise Pupil Premium results

Evaluate the impact of your provision


Come away with: 

  • Practical audit tool                                 
  • Classroom resources
  • Ofsted Inspection Checklist       
  • Strategies to use CEIAG as a Pupil Premium evidencing tool

A pick and mix of ideas to implement:

  • Mentoring programmes     
  • Employability skills in your curriculum 
  • Work experience programmes     
  • Work shadowing
  • Links with local higher education institutes    
  • Employer talks
  • Relationships with local businesses     
  • Enterprise clubs
  • Apprenticeship alternatives     
  • Workplace visits