How To Measure Character

  • A proven approach to monitor and measure character
  • The expert’s guide to embed character in your School Improvement Plan
  • How to show your school’s success in developing: 
    • tolerance
    • grit
    • resilience 
  • Tools to observe and report on pupils’ character development
John Rees

John Rees

Dates: 14th Nov 2017, 23rd Nov 2017

John is a very experienced and highly regarded trainer who is passionately committed to the personal development of children and young people. He has developed and managed numerous research programmes on PSHE and has redesigned work experience programmes and improved PSHE curriculums throughout the country.

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Why character education is still top of the education agenda

Ofsted: how inspectors will judge character development

Funding: the most effective ways to spend the

  • Character education grant

  • Pupil Premium

Research: how to measure non-cognitive skills, from Seligman to Duckworth and Layard


A guide to assessing character (without testing students)

Define what character is:

  • tolerance

  • independence

  • creativity

  • resilience

  • curiosity

  • confidence

Communicate this effectively to pupils, staff and parents


Embed character development into:

  • the mainstream curriculum

  • extracurricular activities

  • co-curricular opportunities (voluntary and community work)

Engage parents as partners in raising resilient children

Encourage teachers to model positive character traits and attitudes

Instil grit into reluctant pupils

Observe and report on pupils’ character development


High-impact tools and resources to share with staff

  • A framework for developing pupil character

  • Ideas to embed character into programmes of study

  • Strategies to partner with businesses to bring character alive

  • Lesson and assembly ideas to:

    • promote a growth mindset

    • give pupils skills for life

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