Data for Ofsted

  • Guidance on presenting all data to Ofsted
    • Pupil Premium 
    • outcomes for pupils
    • attendance 
    • performance management 
  • A toolkit for using data to:
    • measure progress 
    • set targets
    • make interventions 
    • identify attainment gaps
  • Make the most of RAISEonline and FFT Aspire

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Demystify performance data

What Ofsted really want to see

The new key performance measures in RAISE

The new value-added measure

Common mistakes to avoid when tracking pupil progress

How to use the data as part of your usual performance information

A complete guide to using data to drive school improvement

Know what data to use in a data-rich environment

Identify how to interpret and respond to data effectively

Apply value-added measures to identify school strengths and weaknesses

Use data to identify and narrow significant attainment gaps

Manage data to learn lessons from previous inspections

Implement a bottom-up approach to data

Widen data access to all members of staff

A toolkit that promises to make data analysis manageable and effective

  • Case studies of outstanding data usage

  • Templates to evidence progress to Ofsted

  • Strategies to ensure confidentiality with the most sensitive data

  • Sample school improvement plans

  • Best-practice examples of using data to intervene when issues arise

  • Techniques to link pupil, subject and whole-school target-setting

  • Ideas to publish a snapshot of your performance online

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