Design and Technology

  • How to modernise and re-build the subject through the new single-title GCSE

  • How to plan a coherent 5-year course leading to GCSE success

  • Utilise methods of teaching known to work

  • Reverse the trend of falling GCSE numbers

  • Implement an approach that maximises each teacher’s contribution

Information on speakers coming soon.

The successful 5-year plan:

Explore evidence-based teaching strategies specific to D&T

Integrate a range of teaching approaches in the SoW of each year group

Develop, implement and evaluate units of work based on staff strengths

Know how to prove the worth of D&T to:

  • pupils and parents

  • SLT

  • governors

  • the wider community

How to ensure D&T thrives in your school:

  • as a preferred option for all abilities

  • as a contributor to Progress 8 and Attainment 8

  • as an exemplary curriculum

How to make D&T an irresistible subject through:

  • activities that build pupils’ robust knowledge, understanding and skills

  • activities that engage and intrigue

  • activities that stretch and challenge

How to achieve GCSE success:

  • in the Contextual Challenge

  • in the written paper