Designing & Implementing A Disciplinary Curriculum Model

Blending mastery learning and knowledge-based curricula

  • Blending mastery learning and knowledge-based curricula

  • Rethink your curriculum in line with the complex linear exam system

  • Show that as pupils progress through your school they become subject experts

  • Create a no-levels assessment model to complement your redesigned curriculum

Information on speakers coming soon.

The 5 essential questions that will be answered:

1) What are disciplinary thinking and a knowledge-based curriculum?

2) What is the role of low-stakes testing within a curriculum?

3) How do we sequence content and concepts across a 5-year plan?

4) Can we abandon KS3 and 4 and just talk about a 5- or 7- year model?

5) How do we design and build assessment into curriculum planning?

The structure of the training day:

  • School improvement through curriculum redesign

  • The disciplinary curriculum

  • Curriculum planning and teaching for understanding

  • The teaching and learning cycle

  • Fertile questions

  • Assessment design

Disciplinary thinking and exam success. How to:

Stay upstream of developments in cognititve science

Plan for longer sequences of learning

Show that what and how you assess is valid and meaningful:

    • more frequent low-stakes tests

    • more difficult summative assessments