Differentiation and Mixed Ability Teaching in MFL

  •  How to thrive with diverse learners in your classroom:
    • most able
    • middle learners
    • least able
  • New practical tools to immediately embed:
    • whole-class teaching
    • pupil progress
    • pupil inclusion
    • differentiation
  • Use differentiation and inclusion to get to Ofsted’s Outstanding

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Address the government drive for inclusion and progression

  • raising standards
  • narrowing the gap
  • personalised learning
  • challenging all learners
  • Address a host of curriculum and Ofsted requirements
  • Incorporate differentiation into schemes of work
  • Ensure "middle learners" don't get left behind

Step-by-step guide to differentiation in MFL

Unpick the key forms of differentiation

Develop collaborative learning in mixed ability classes

Evaluate pupils’ ability, needs and progress

Increase engagement and motivation for all learners

A host of practical activities to use immediately

  • easy to adapt activity styles
  • differentiation activities
  • classroom management techniques
  • collaborative learning strategies
  • student and peer management techniques
  • creative and exciting learning activities
  • new pedagogical approaches

Create an effective and inclusive learning environment to accelerate pupil progress