A New Approach to Differentiation in Mathematics

  •  Meet Ofsted’s requirement to move pupils through Programmes of Studies at the same pace

  • Challenge without compromise: How to balance the rigorous maths curriculum with progress for all

  • Tools to differentiate effectively while delivering similar content to all pupils

Helen Blanchard

Helen Blanchard

Date: 27th Jun 2017

Helen has nearly 30 years’ experience of teaching maths. She draws upon her wealth of experience as subject leader, assistant Headteacher, AST, National Strategies adviser and Ofsted inspector to provide tips and techniques that are manageable and proven to work.

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Meeting Ofsted’s expectations:

  • Move the majority of pupils through the PoS at the same pace

  • Ensure less fluent pupils consolidate their understanding before moving on

  • Challenge more able pupils without teaching more advanced material

  • Offer rich and sophisticated problems to able learners before moving on

  • Make sure that work in all year groups challenges pupils enough

Guidance on:

Tools to plan and deliver lessons with a focus on:

  • fluency

  • reasoning

  • problem-solving

Pointers for using mastery in mathematics

Best-practice ways to provide appropriate levels of support and challenge

How to assess prior learning and adjust teaching appropriately

Best ways to use TAs to help pupils progress

Invaluable ideas for realising effective differentiation

  • Lesson planning techniques

  • Assessment for learning devices

  • Ways to teach fluency, reasoning and problem-solving

  • Questioning techniques

  • Activities to lift the level of challenge

  • Strategies to support the less able

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