Early identification and intervention for SEND pupils

  • Meet the growing demands for SEND in Early Years:
    • SEND Code of Practice
    • Ofsted inspection
    • Early Years Pupil Premium
  • Audit your current SEN policy and update it in line with current thinking
  • Leave with essential techniques to:
    • identify pupils who may have SEND
    • intervene early to support pupils 
    • train your staff

Information on speakers coming soon.

Getting up to date with all of the changes

SEND Code of Practice 2015

Ofsted Inspection of Early Years

Data and research into children with complex needs

Effective and evidenced interventions


Step-by-step guide: supporting children with SEND in Early Years

Know how to identify need from a much earlier age

Utilise the Early Years Pupil Premium to support disadvantaged children

Understand the programmes that have the biggest impact

Implement effective interventions to support the complexity of needs

Evaluate the impact of interventions


A toolkit for Early Years practitioners

  • Information sheets to support the identifi cation of SEND

  • Strategies to support the four broad areas of need

  • Templates for record-keeping and reporting to parents

  • Hints and tips on working with other agencies

  • Guide to the 0-25 SEND Code of Practice

  • Summary of the Early Years Ofsted Guidance

  • Template for reporting your Early Years Pupil Premium spending