Educating the More Able: What Works and Why

  • Unpick the most significant research ever conducted into teaching the most able
  • Overcome the 5 most common mistakes made when teaching the most able 
  • Take away a proven programme based on international best practice

Information on speakers coming soon.

Address the current crisis in educating the most able

Answer Ofsted’s latest demands

Scrutinise Ofsted’s “The Most Able Students” report

Unpick why UK schools are failing their most able children


A complete guide to overhaul current practice

Identify more able students; it’s not always who you expect:

      • disadvantaged

      • girls

Realise what your able students are good at; it might not be everything

Know how much support to provide; it might be more than you think

Change your attitude; you’re not always the expert

Allow independent projects; pupils don’t have to sit through the whole lesson

Encourage peer learning; students may learn better from each other


Radical solutions to ensure high standards

  • Case studies of recognised Outstanding practice

  • Practical identification techniques

  • Cost-friendly teaching techniques and what works best:

      • acceleration

      • compaction

      • enrichment

      • pull-out schemes

      • mentoring

  • Ideas to train and manage staff