Effective Classroom Strategies for pupils with SEND

  • Increase support with less funding and resources 

  • Help SEND learners progress with a more secure learning environment

  • Translate clear theory into classroom strategies that work

Information on speakers coming soon.

What to expect on the day:

  • Theory overview and views of SEND provision

  • How to access, understand and use data for planning

  • Better practice for working with teaching assistants

  • Ideas for engaging TAs, SENCOs and parents

  • A practical guide to adapting your teaching

The impact on learning of, and strategies to support:

  • dyslexia

  • autistic spectrum disorders

  • ADHD

  • challenging behaviour

  • dyspraxia

  • physical/ sensory impairments

  • dyscalculia

  • speech/language and communication issues

Easy-to-implement classroom strategies for:

  • Individual and group planning

  • Inclusion

  • Engaging with parents/carers

  • Observation

  • Behaviour management

  • Instruction and task-giving

  • Delivering and monitoring targeted provision

  • Peer tutoring and co-operative learning