Engaging Physical Skills to Inspire Learners

in both primary and Early Years settings

  • Gain fundamental skills to support and develop physical activities in your school

  • Adopt a movement-based methodology

  • Unpick the World Health Organization’s EU Physical Activity strategy 2016–2025

  • Understand the changes in policy

Information on speakers coming soon.

Step-by-step guide to relevant strategies on physical activity

Review the changes in policy and the requirements:

  • Review of the Social Mobility Commission
  • Helping Parents to Parent
  • The World Health Organization
  • Global Physical Activity Strategy

Unpick research on:

  • the impact of movement on learning/learners

  • physical development

Engage and support parents in the physical development of their child

Practical tools to deliver physical activites in the classroom

Methods to incorporate physical activity

Team engagement building ideas

Creative planning strategies

Evidence-based data and research

Simple world dance routines

Storytelling to music