Tackling every step of the process

  • Discover that exclusion is not the only option

  • Reduce the number of exclusions in your school 

  • Avoid early Ofsted inspections prompted by unnecessary exclusions

  • Improve pupil outcomes across your school

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Preventing exclusions

Ensure you are not illegally excluding students

How to prevent early Ofsted inspections

Help your staff identify those at risk of exclusion

Develop proactive approaches that strengthen your behaviour policy

Successfully handling exclusions

Discover alternative solutions

Deal with reoffending students

What if exclusion is the only option?

Why so many pupils with SEN are excluded, and how to combat this

Discuss the safeguarding issues surrounding exclusions

How to reintroduce excluded pupils

Integrate new pupils who were excluded from another school

Best ways to help students efficiently catch up on missed work

Practical tools, strategies and first-hand evidence

Examples of illegal exclusions and what happens to these students

How to create a restorative school

Effective intervention with the most vulnerable

Student leadership, responsibility and owning behaviour

Strengthen PSHE to address disaffection, motivation and resilience

Mental health and effective pupil support