Fast Track Literacy for EAL

  • Speed up progress by 6 months
  • Everything you need to teach literacy to new arrivals without English as their mother tongue
  • Proven ways to crack two main problem areas:
    • Reading comprehension
    • Writing skills
  • How to spend your EAL funding: the most promising programmes and interventions

Information on speakers coming soon.

The first UK research of its kind

Unpick the latest research literacy development of EAL children

Spot the two most common struggles for EAL children

Find out which interventions are most effective

Link proven international approaches to the English system

Steps to help bilingual learners speak, read and write English, fast

Identify the needs of different groups of EAL pupils

Understand how bilingual learners use their first language

Clarify which teaching approaches work best

Ensure funds are targeted to those most at risk of low achievement

Measure the impact of the most common interventions:

  • Extra reading classes

  • Homework clubs

  • EAL social clubs

  • In-class support

  • One-to-one programmes 

  • Family involvement classes

Age-appropriate resources for in and out of the classroom

  • non-linguistic strategies

  • digital media approaches

  • phonics and grammar activities

  • lesson planning frameworks

  • family involvement techniques

  • a list of books by age and ability