Embedding G&T into every classroom

How to get to level 1 Ofsted

  •  Achieve outstanding G&T provision by:
    • differentiating from the top
    • maximising high expectations
  • Proven ways to identify and inspire pupils of higher ability
  • Develop your pedagogical leadership in G&T 

Information on speakers coming soon.

Deliver Level 1 Ofsted best practice

Meet the demanding expectations of the Common Inspection Framework

Know how to spend Pupil Premium effectively on able learners

Enable excellence for all: What really works

How to stimulate higher order thinking skills

Provide for G&T pupils in the everyday timetable (and beyond)

Assessment provisions for G&T pupils

Use self-evaluation processes against:

  • Ofsted framework

  • Other up-to-the-minute frameworks

How to provide evidence of impact of a high-quality learning environment

Practical strategies to transform your classroom

  • Checklists for successful identification

  • Strategies to question and challenge

  • Resources and websites for immediate use

  • Planning tools to sretch and challenge

  • Practical approaches to effective ‘differentiation from the top’