GCSE Computer Science 2017

  • With the syllabus under way, audit your delivery:
    • assess your successes
    • prepare for the challenges ahead
  • Link theory and NEA requirements in:
    • coding
    • computational logic
    • Python
    • computational & algorithmic thinking
  • Ideas and resources to take back to school:
    • teaching strategy
    • exam and non-exam assessment
Sarah Shakibi

Sarah Shakibi

Date: 27th Jun 2017

Dr Shakibi has many years of experience as a head of ICT and Computing. Currently, she teaches the CIE iGCSE, AQA and IB in Computer Science.  Sarah’s passion is for Computational and Algorithmic Thinking, and how to ‘wake up’ this talent in children. 

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Techniques for computational and algorithmic thinking

  • Thinking abstractly – removing unnecessary detail

  • Thinking ahead – identifying preconditions and inputs and outputs

  • Thinking procedurally – identifying components of problems and solutions

  • Thinking logically – predicting and analysing problems

  • Thinking concurrently – spotting and using similarities

Programming toolkit for Python

  • the use of variables, constants, operators, inputs, outputs and assignments

  • the three basic programming constructs used to control the flow of a program

  • how to use sub-programs to produce structured code

  • the use of SQL to search for data

  • the use of arrays (or equivalent) when solving problems

Computational logic

  • why data is represented in computer systems in binary form

  • combining Boolean operators using AND, OR and NOT to two levels

  • applying logical operators in appropriate truth tables to solve problems

  • applying computing-related mathematics: +,-,/,*,^,MOD,DIV

Delivery techniques for successful & robust code-testing

  • defensive design considerations

  • maintainability

  • the purpose of testing

  • types of testing

  • how to identify syntax and logic errors

  • selecting and using suitable test data

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