How to Challenge and Extend Able Learners

  • Be ready for Ofsted's focus on challenging the most able
  • 10 practical ways to raise your expectations and challenge more able pupils
  • How to develop your G&T provision to support: 
    • high-level learning
    • extension 
    • progress
    • independent learning

Information on speakers coming soon.

The latest national agenda for the most able

Unpick Ofsted’s 2016 criteria

Improve the level of challenge in units of learning

Support for stretch and challenge as a mindset for all

Ofsted Annual Report: learn from primaries outperforming secondaries

A guide to get the best out of your more able pupils

Nurture and develop potential in able students

Define effective extension, stretch and challenge

Inspire G&T pupils and enhance your provision

Raise your and your pupils’ expectations

Establish ways of getting able pupils working ‘beyond the limit’

10 activities and tools to extend learning

  • Case studies
  • Thinking skills 
  • Questioning skills
  • Student Voice
  • Creative and practical examples
  • Personalised learning strategies
  • Visual stimuli
  • Planning tools
  • Differentiating from the top
  • Mindsets to promote excellence