How to Account for Pupil Premium

  • Ensure you are meeting your legal duties: 
    • publish pupil premium online 
    • build evidence 
  • Clarify duties under the latest Ofsted framework: 
    • evidence of gaps narrowing
    • accountability 
  • How to spend funding to maximise impact

Information on speakers coming soon.

Unpick the national agenda for Pupil Premium

Know what evidence Ofsted expect to see on and offline

Explore conclusions from EEF Foundation (Sutton Trust) T&L Toolkit

Ensure you are getting the correct allocation per pupil

Tackle the attainment gap between Pupil Premium pupils and their peers:

  • 17% primary

  • 27% secondary


A complete guide to effective use of Pupil Premium

Examine how schools are spending the funding successfully to:

  • maximise achievement

  • tackle disadvantage

Support children with special educational needs

Promote social mobility via the effective spend of Pupil Premium

Clarify the role of Governors and Pupil Premium

Address the areas in which Pupil Premium has made the most impact:

  • peer-to-peer tutoring

  • effective feedback

Use RAISEonline and other in-school data to measure impact


Tools and strategies to meet legal requirements and pupils’ needs:

Ideas to publish evidence on your website

Ways to spend funding for maximum impact

  • out of hours provision

  • small group support

  • residential trips

  • enrichment activities

Tools to effectively measure and evidence pupil premium spend