How to be an Outstanding Maths leader

  • Receive the tools and resources you need to achieve inspirational results in your school

  • Simplify your role as a maths subject leader with an 8-part model for transforming mathematics

  • Organise your job role and create a clear model of subject improvement

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor

Dates: 9th Mar 2018, 16th Mar 2018

Ian is an exceptional maths teacher, department leader and trainer, who now manages teams of maths departments across a range of challenging schools. His lessons are the Holy Grail of teaching – once hailed the best maths teacher in England by his superiors.

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Your guide to effective leadership in maths

Understand how to apply situational leadership to your team

Make confident judgements on learning over time

Simple methods for effective moderation across your department

Evaluate maths in your school

Create a great subject handbook

Exceeding expectations

Discover maths mastery and resources to support:

The teaching of mastery

The delivery of a mastery scheme of learning

The use of mastery assessment

Identify age-related grades for both primary and secondary

Unpick Ofsted’s recent focus on consistency within subjects

Discover a wealth of practical tools

Leading schemes of learning

Receive a short-term assessment package

Take away the country’s leading teaching model

An outstanding calculations policy

Tools to make your job much easier

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