How to Embed British Values

  • Be ready for Ofsted’s sharpened focus on British Values as part of  pupils' SMSC development 
  • Evidence to Ofsted how British Values are embedded in your: 
    • curriculum 
    • whole-school SMSC provision
    • extra-curricular activities 
    • assemblies programme
  • New, inclusive ways to ‘actively promote’ the 4 values: 
    • democracy
    • rule of law
    • individual liberty
    • mutual respect
Bill Bolloten

Bill Bolloten

Dates: 19th Jun 2017, 20th Jun 2017, 22nd Jun 2017

Bill is an independent education consultant. He works with schools and academies, governing bodies and local authorities. Bill specialises in work on SMSC, British values, equalities and cohesion.

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Why British Values are still top of the agenda in 2017

Know what ‘Fundamental British Values’ actually means

Broaden awareness of the new Ofsted framework and DfE guidance

Learn how Ofsted have judged other schools

Explore how British Values are key to SMSC provision

Understand links to citizenship, PSHE and the equality duty

Ensure British Values are promoted in inclusive ways that embrace diversity


A guide to delivering British Values – how to:

Link approaches to the school’s ethos and values

Understand the statutory requirements on SMSC

Ensure approaches meet the requirements to prepare pupils for ‘life in modern Britain’

Audit and evaluate SMSC and British Values

Identify priorities and develop action plans

Engage with values through inclusive, non-discriminatory approaches

Support staff professional development

Ensure governors are aware of their role

Collate evidence on impact and effectiveness


Practical tools and strategies to implement immediately:

  • Whole-school activities

  • Curriculum opportunities

  • Extra-curricular activities

  • Community involvement 

  • Auditing tools

  • Training resources

  • Evaluation strategies

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