How to Evaluate Teaching over Time

  • Excel under new Ofsted focus on Teaching over Time (ToT) and the removal of lesson grades
  • Be clear on what evidence Ofsted needs
  • New models to observe and evaluate teacher performance
  • Tools to update accountability processes:
    • Performance Related Pay
    • Appraisals

Information on speakers coming soon.

Demystify the most-used phrase in Ofsted reports

  • Clarify the meaning of:

− Teaching over Time (ToT)

− Progress over Time (PoT)

  • Identify what ToT looks like:

− Across the school

− In a lesson

  • Ensure all teachers can convey PoT to busy inspectors

  • Unpick Ofsted’s Outstanding grade descriptors

Steps to successfully judge teacher performance across the school

  • Identify why lesson grading alone does not work

  • Explore alternative approaches to evaluate teacher quality

  • Develop an internal observation system that focusses on:

− assessment data

− evidence in workbooks

− student conversations

  • Embed a formative approach to lesson observations through:

− coaching and mentoring programmes

− appraisal processes

  • Make consistent Performance Related Pay decisions

A toolkit to observe, evidence and measure the impact of ToT

  • Training plans for all observers

  • Ofsted-friendly templates to record findings on:

− observing the lesson

− talking to students

− evidence in workbooks

− tracking data

  • Tracking systems to see progress of individual teachers