How to Teach Reading Comprehension

  • A proven approach to help children crack comprehension across all text types and genres
  • Easy-to-use assessment for learning activities to identify where more practice is needed
  • 100s of practice activities to use all year round
  • Ideas to offer high quality dialogue in all subjects
Gill Matthews

Gill Matthews

Dates: 20th Jun 2017, 21st Jun 2017, 3rd Jul 2017

Gill Matthews is an experienced trainer and author and is the originator of the ‘Writing for Real’ approach. As a writer herself, Gill is well aware of numerous writing avoidance strategies. Armed with this knowledge, she will help you to help your pupils face the challenges of writing.

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Be ready for Ofsted’s new spotlight on:

Reading aloud with understanding and expression

Students’ ability to discuss their own reading

Reading for pleasure and information

Inference and information retrieval


Key steps to ensure all children are ready to read

Unpick the principles of Richer Reading

Audit your approach to reading comprehension

Provide a meaningful context for reading

Know how best to teach skills and understanding

Build information retrieval skills through active research

Use both talk and writing to deepen understanding

Create a quality reading diet for children


A toolkit loved by every teacher who has ever used it!

  • Further comprehension questions and practice texts
  • Assessment tasks book
  • Specific book-based units
  • New ideas for Shared and Guided Reading
  • Model texts
  • Top tips for using Talk to unlock Texts
  • Ideas for teaching non-fiction

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