How to train High-impact TAs

A complete guide for classroom teachers

  • Address current demands for better use of TAs:
    • Ofsted
    • SEN Code of Practice
    • Pupil Premium
  • How to measure and maximise the impact of TAs using Hattie’s Visible Learning™
  • A complete toolkit to deploy TAs to maximum potential to:
    • raise attainment
    • accelerate progress 
    • reduce teacher workload
Nick Austin

Nick Austin

Dates: 29th Jun 2017, 7th Jul 2017

Nick specialises in courses for both teachers and teaching assistants, focusing on skills and strategies to support change and improvement. He brings both experience and humour to training sessions. His passion lies in making a difference to the lives of those with whom he is privileged to work.

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The case for change

John Hattie’s Visible Learning™: TA effect size

Ofsted’s judgements on TA deployment

Pupil Premium funding: measure the impact

SEN Code of Practice: information for TAs

How to use TAs to maximum potential

Techniques to train TAs to deliver targeted interventions

Expectation frameworks to provide clear knowledge

TA involvement in creating a positive learning environment

Instil key skills: questioning, giving and receiving feedback

Assist in developing independent learning

Raise the profile of TAs across the school

Create joint planning time 

Enable dialogue about learning

Share research about how children learn

Ways to evaluate TA contribution and impact

Tools to audit practice in your school

  • Feedback strategies
  • High-impact activities
  • Questioning strategies
  • Evaluative tools
  • Planning tools
  • One-to-one training techniques
  • Techniques to open professional dialogue

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