ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring

The premium executive coaching qualification, rigorously focused on the needs of senior leaders in education

  • 6 day qualification

  • This qualification offers credibility and high levels of coaching competency, effectiveness and advanced skills

  • A robust, practical approach to training, so you can transform your executive coaching

  • Detailed resources and structured support to promote significant and profound development

Charlie Warshawski

Charlie Warshawski

Dates: 19th Apr 2018, 20th Sep 2018

Charlie is a leadership trainer and has supported hundreds of schools in developing their leadership capabilities and coaching cultures. His presentations are engaging, energising and thought provoking and delegates always leave with clear strategies to implement when they return to school.

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The ILM Level 7 coaching qualification is for those who want to develop their expertise in leadership and executive coaching to coach colleagues in your school.

This course is designed to help develop the skills and approaches you need to coach at a high level. It will cover:

  • How to hold transformational coaching sessions with senior colleagues

  • How to design coaching programmes that last a number of sessions

  • Informal coaching: how to use your skills in everyday conversation.

Why choose an ILM Coaching Qualification?

The Level 7 executive coaching and mentoring qualification is a highly respected and rigorously assessed qualification.

Recognised nationally, this qualification is designed for school leaders, to enable you to effectively aid your senior leadership team and contribute successfully to the school leadership culture and strategy.

This qualification is designed for senior leaders/managers to enable them to tackle complex and challenging issues

Who is the ILM Level 7 certificate in executive coaching and mentoring for?

If you have some experience in coaching and are looking to raise your skills to an advanced level, this is for you.

Specific criteria for candidates include:

  • You must possess an understanding of the rudiments of how to coach

  • You must be open to a non-directive approach to coaching

  • You must be able to coach people at a senior level in organisations.

  • This course is suitable for individuals or groups within your school or organisation.

What you will take away from the course:

  • The knowledge to review and build the context, strategy, culture and processes for coaching and mentoring at a senior and strategic level

  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of coaching and mentoring in an organisation - Advanced coaching techniques, including listening, questioning and pausing, so that your coaching sessions are transformative and impactful.

  • The skills, resources and structures to teach colleagues coaching skills, so that they can create a comunity of coaches in the school 

Nurturing your growth

Learning to coach at this level is a commitment and a challenge, which requires a stretch. Charlie will help you stretch as far as you want to, and then encourage you to stretch a bit more! The nurturing continues until you pass the qualification, and often carries on.

2018 Dates

19th and 20th Apr 2018

17th and 18th May 2018

21st and 22nd Jun 2018


20th and 21st Sep 2018

1st and 2nd Nov 2018

6th and 7th Dec 2018

Delegate rate

£2,474 + VAT

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