Improving Literacy for KS1 and KS2

  • Unpick the latest EEF report to see what works and what does not
  • How to use evidence to focus teaching efforts
  • Proven strategies for effective literacy teaching

Information on speakers coming soon.

Evidence-based strategies that transform literacy provision

Clarify which tried-and-tested approaches work

The importance of diagnostic assessment tools

Balance decoding and comprehension skills

A strong focus on oral language skills

The eight stages to implement an impactful strategy

1. Promote speaking and listening skills and an understanding of language

2. Use a balanced approach to reading by teaching effective:

- decoding skills

- reading comprehension

3. Implement an effective systematic phonics programme

4. Unpick strategies to develop pupils’ reading comprehension

5. Create strategies for pupils to plan and monitor their own writing

6. Improve pupils’ transcription skills

7. Use accurate data about pupil capabilities

8. Implement high-quality, targeted interventions for the weakest pupils

Make sure your literacy provision is as effective as possible