Keeping Up With Kids Online

  • Increase online awareness with both staff and students

  • Keep up to date on all the latest risks and opportunities of being online

  • Outline a set of best-practice principles for working with social media

Information on speakers coming soon.

Improve your knowledge

An overview of the world we live in: stats, and facts about internet use

Keep up to date with:

  • social media
  • instant messaging
  • other popular mobile apps

Learn how to recognise the early signs of cyberbullying

Find out how to tackle online issues early

Understand the safeguarding dangers when pupils use social media

Unpick the risks and opportunities that arise when pupils are online

The 24/7 classroom

How to deal with social media issues that happen at home, but impact on the classroom

Know the ages at which young people go online

Discover how students use social media to explore the world

Create an inclusive environment in the classroom

Practical toolkit to help you keep up

A list of key sites and apps

How to create a social media charter for your school

Case studies of positive and powerful social media use in schools

Simple steps to protect your privacy and professional reputation online