KS3: The Wasted Years?

  • Lead KS3 with purpose and meaning
  • Respond to Ofsted’s report, Key Stage 3: The Wasted Years?
  • How to overcome the 6 central challenges:
    • Quality of teaching
    • Rate of pupil progress, especially in maths and English
    • Assessment and monitoring
    • Challenge the most able
    • Transition from KS2
    • KS3 on the whole-school agenda
  • Tools to help you lead truly effective KS3 provision

Information on speakers coming soon.

Tools and strategies to act on the eight recommendations:


1) Raising the profile:

  • Make KS3 a higher priority in all aspects of school planning, monitoring and evaluation


2) Improving T&L quality:

  • Prepare pupils for more challenging study at KS4 and 5


3) KS2-KS3 transition:

  • Methods for focusing on pupils’ academic needs as much as pastoral needs


4) Cross-phase partnerships:

  • Strengthen links to build on prior knowledge, understanding and skills


5) Assessment and monitoring:

  • Ideas for making your KS3 systems and procedures robust


6) Disadvantaged pupils:

  • Ways to close the achievement gap


7) Homework:

  • How to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of homework to secure good progress


8) Literacy and numeracy:

  • Strategies to build on KS2 attainment