Leading Large Primaries 500+

How to keep the best interests of your pupils in all decisions

  • A unique opportunity to gain insights from an outstanding head of a large primary
  • Retain a personal touch from a presiding position
  • Practical leadership strategies and advice
  • How your role must change



Information on speakers coming soon.

Examine the key areas that effect the most positive change

Key areas to audit and ideas on how they can be improved

Create a realistic vision for your school

Best practice examples in the fundamental areas:


The crucial connection between families, teachers and teams

The importance of PR in winning support

Ideas for parental involvement

Talented staff selection and retention

A large and important job in this role

Tips on organising a recruitment event

Developing your pivotal staff

Large site management

Putting pupil success at the heart of every decision

The importance of staff structure

How to ‘let go’ but maintain control

Leading school improvement

Pointers on maintaining quality and standards

Examples of clear systems and structures to put into place

Pupil logistics

Tried and tested examples for scheduling movement throughout the day

How to keep the best interests of your pupils in all decisions