Leading Sixth Form

  • Benchmark your performance against Ofsted’s CIF

  • Gain a greater understanding of:

    - Post-16 accountability

    - The 16-19 Study Programmes Inspection Dashboard

    - The L3VA

  • Learn how to create effective Post-16 SEFs and improvement plans

John Philip

John Philip

Date: 27th Jun 2017

John is a national trainer who specialises in leadership and maximising achievement at KS5. He also works as a senior consultant and gives feedback to schools and LAs on the quality of post-16 provision. John has written numerous articles, and his ‘99 Ideas to Raise Achievement at KS5’ draws on his four decades of experience in sixth forms.

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The characteristics of outstanding Sixth Form leaders

Establish a vision, culture and climate

Focus on ensuring students develop, make progress and succeed

Pursue excellence in all that you do

Guidance on dealing effectively with Post-16 changes effectively:

  • new curriculum

  • linear A-Levels

  • new BTECs

  • implications of 9-1 GCSE grades on sixth forms

  • funding

  • the Post-16 skills plan

  • area reviews

  • Apprenticeships and traineeships

Step-by-step guide to achieving Outstanding:

How to set high expectations, raise aspirations and facilitate social mobility

How to ensure success through 10 key focus areas:

1) student progress in Level 3 qualifications

2) student attainment

3) improving retention

4) improving Post-18 destinations

5) improving Post-16 GCSE outcomes

6) improving the quality of teaching and learning

7) using rigorous systems to drive improvement

8) improving the accuracy of teacher assessment

9) improving tracking, monitoring, mentoring and intervention

10) developing the whole student– high-quality non-qualification activities, character education and work experience

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