Lower Set Teaching with Impact

  • How to develop your teaching to have an impact on student outcomes

  • Hands-on ideas to motivate unwilling learners

  • Practical strategies for:

    • developing Invisible Classroom Management
    • building Growth Mindsets 
    • maximising Teaching Assistants
    • raising attainment

Information on speakers coming soon.

To set or not to set; the national perspective

Unpick the research behind setting and if it works

Clarify Ofsted’s latest Outstanding criteria

Reveal how to motivate lower starting point learners


6 rules to get the best from a difficult class

Get established with challenging classes and learners

Develop a teacher presence with body language

Encourage collaborative learning

Support independent learning

Challenge your learners to reach higher

Embed AfL within the classroom


A toolkit for lower set teachers

    • Strategies to support children with a range of difficulties
    • Techniques for differentiated teaching
    • Ideas to diffuse potential conflict before it starts