Managing Attachment Difficulties

  • Identify the key behaviours, including: 
    • intense control battles 
    • manipulation 
    • obvious lies 
    • hypervigilance 
    • food issues 
    • fascinations
  • A complete structure for working with pupils with attachment difficulties
  • Establish links with current strategies for promoting emotional and mental health 

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An overview of attachment theory

Identify the key triggers and difficulties faced

Examine the links with new trauma and brain research

Establish the importance of the key adult

A complete structure for effective intervention

Identify how attachment disorder is commonly revealed

Implement key strategies for how to respond

Develop teaching techniques to differentiate learning

Set clear targets to monitor and track progress

Establish a process for working with pupils, staff and parents

A practical toolkit

Planning tools for observation and assessment

Learning and behaviour models

Practical engagement techniques

Top tactics to reassure and calm pupils

Useful resources and classroom activities 

Consistently provide outstanding support

Facilitate pupils' emotional development

Raise achievement of students on the attachment disorder spectrum

Embed a widespread positive approach towards the disorder