Feedback and Marking

A major focus for inspection

  • In response to the national teacher workload review 2016
  • Prepare for Ofsted’s latest workbook inspections
  • Ensure your feedback promotes progress over time
  • Key principles to maximise your impact
  • A toolkit to reduce marking and planning time

Information on speakers coming soon.

Ofsted on Feedback and Marking
The up-to-the-minute marking issues
Demonstrating that feedback and marking is leading to learning
Ensuring feedback is being actioned
Utilising Prof. John Hattie’s research
The importance of the audit of books and folders

How to improve the quality of feedback by 100%
Involve all students in the feedback process
Make the success criteria clear and manageable for learners
Respond to feedback - the classroom management issues
Use feedback from students to modify and plan lessons
Ensure that marking ‘next steps’ leads to learning
How to develop and embed time-efficient policies

Time-saving techniques and more for:

  • Differentiation: adding +1 challenge in all feedback
  • Peer feedback and self-reflection
  • Electronic response
  • Oral feedback 
  • Recording verbal feedback
  • Capturing the evidence