Mastery Teaching in English (Primary)

  • How the mastery model can fuel progress in KS1 and KS2 
  • Rethink differentiation to meet the tough demands of:
    • pupils’ needs
    • the National Curriculum 
    • Ofsted
    • SATs and teacher assessment
  • Open the doors to mastery with:
    • ideas to boost original writing
    • advice on exciting reading journeys
    • quality visuals for unusual, high-class writing
  • Two free books included:
    • Opening Doors to Quality Writing: aged 6-9
    • Opening Doors to Quality Writing: aged 10-13
Bob Cox

Bob Cox

Dates: 9th Mar 2018, 16th Mar 2018

Bob has now delivered almost 100 Osiris courses and worked with over 400 schools. His passion for English has been expressed at national and international conferences where, he puts the emphasis on the wonder and scope of the text itself to stimulate creative outcomes, inspired by talented teachers. His 'Opening Doors to Quality Writing' series won the Educational Book Award at the Educational Resources Awards in 2017.

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Achieving mastery: the how and why

Creative strategies in line with the Assessment Commission recommendations

Adaptable methodologies in line with Ofsted’s requirements

Resources to pitch high in line with rigorous NC and SATs requirements


Opening doors for all your pupils – how to:

Deliver the challenging national curriculum with confidence

Develop and apply strategies for mastery English

Pitch high but include all learners

Use ideas that provide scope for:

  • questions

  • philosophy

  • high standards of English

Vary challenging learning opportunities

Use visual literacy to inspire challenge

Offer richer learning journeys through quality texts


Invaluable tools:

30 units of work for KS2 and challenging resources for KS1

Success criteria for excellence

Access tools

Effective EGPS/SPaG techniques

AfL strategies

Quality text to quality writing links

Best-practice case studies and examples for:

  • poetry

  • prose

  • non-fiction

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£269 + VAT

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