Mastery Teaching in Primary: a whole school approach

  • Prepare for Ofsted’s new focus on Mastery Teaching
  • Why Mastery Teaching is essential in 2017:
    • links to KS1 and KS2 performance descriptors
    • tough National Curriculum demands
  • How to embed this approach into everyday teaching
  • Design a scheme of work that leads to mastery of the topic in all subjects

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Why Mastery Teaching must be top of your agenda in 2017

Unpick the underpinning research

Know how successful schools are using a mastery approach

Reveal the impact of the EEF results


A guide to what Mastery is, and what it isn’t

De-mystify the principles of Mastery

Know how to plan for Mastery

Develop an assessment system for Mastery

Design a scheme of work that leads to Mastery of the topic

Get through heavy curriculum content using Mastery

Recognise what Mastery looks like

Reveal how to give feedback to deepen learning


A toolkit for Mastery success in every year and subject

Model Mastery questions and responses

Practical ways to deliver cognitive stretch

Strategies to get children to evaluate their own Mastery

Techniques to promote cross-curricular connections

Ideas to make Mastery learning visible